A vegan, natural, and allergy friendly make-up look

A vegan, natural, and allergy friendly make-up look

Yes, it can be done! Here are my latest make-up buys which I’m using to create a vegan, natural and allergy friendly make-up look (nut-free, soya-free, dairy-free).  See before and after photos below.

A vegan, natural and allergy friendly make-up lookA vegan, natural and allergy friendly make-up look 2

When I started out as a vegan about 15 years ago it was hard to find natural, vegan make-up.  It was definately slim pickings, with very little variety, poor colours, and even poorer performance.  It’s completely different now of course with ‘clean & green’ becoming almost mainstream as people become more aware of what they are putting on their face.  There are so many brands to choose from now, with products performing just as well as, or even out performing mainstream brands.  If anything until recently I had the opposite problem of too much choice! Quite the change 🙂

However, when baba 2 was diagnosed with multiple food allergies my struggle to find suitable make-up began anew.  These days I have to find vegan, natural make-up that is also nut-free and soya-free!  Tricky, tricky, tricky.

It took me a long time researching on the internet to find these bad boys, but here they are.  If you’re looking for similar allergy-friendly products I hope this helps.

Disclaimer: These products are free from nut, soya and animal products AS FAR AS I CAN TELL.  Please double check the ingredients for yourself before you buy just to make sure, as ingredients can change and sometimes I can miss things (thanks baby brain 🙂 ).  You may also want to check with the individual companies about possible traces of allergens from the manufacturing process – I have not done this.

Inika Loose Mineral Foundation SPF25, £27.50

Mineral foundation is your friend if you’re looking for allergy friendly make-up (always check ingredients though as brands do differ).  This product from Inika  provides excellent coverage with a natural finish and is perfect for even the most sensitive skin, with its 100% natural, minimalist ingredients.  It’s also super easy and quick to apply, so great for mums on the go.  Inika is my favourite make-up brand because all the products are vegan and where possible organic.  I also find that their shades are perfect for my very pale, neutral skin tone, with the ‘Strength’ shade being perfect for summer and ‘Grace’ perfect for winter.

bareMinerals Well-Rested Eye Brightener SPF20, £20

I have always struggled to find concealers pale enough for my skin, and now my options are so restricted, it’s a near impossible task! So I have fallen back on this old favourite and wow I had forgotten how great it is.  As far as I can tell it doesn’t have a colour as such, or it has the kind that magically matches most skin tones. It uses minerals to reflect light to disguise dark circles, redness etc.  It is a powder, but as with mineral powder foundation it does not look powdery on the skin. I’m not sure why I ever stopped using this as it is the best concealer I have ever found for my mega pale face.

Some Lush Lip Balms (please check ingredients as some do have beeswax or nut oils)

Lush is the only place I could find a natural, vegan lip balm without nut or soy oil. They don’t seem to do the Passion Flower one anymore that I used here, but a quick look on their website and I can see that their Ultrabalm lipbalm, £9.95 is also free from these ingredients.

bareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm

bareminerals have sadly stopped making these which is a huge shame but I have seen them still for sale through online beauty sites etc.  A balm with strong colour pay-off, I have been using mine on lips and cheeks since spring.  I use the ‘peach passion’ shade which actually comes out more of a pretty pink on me.  We all know good vegan lipsticks can be hard to find, but vegan lipsticks without nut oils etc?  Holy grail.  Please bring these back bareMinerals!

bareMinerals Frame & Define Brow Styler, £15

They do two shades, the ‘universal dark’ one is a good match for my brows (not too warm).  It has a twist up, ultra fine tip.

bareMinerals 5in1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow, £18

A lot of the eye shadows I looked at had nut oils added, but yet again a mineral make-up brand came to the rescue.  This fab product has super staying power.  BareMinerals describe it as ‘lasting cream colour meets brightening, smoothing and priming power plus mineral sunscreen in an innovative hybrid formula.’ I used the ‘exotic lilac’ shade which brings out the green in my hazel eyes.

Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner, £14.50

I’m so glad I still get to use these eyeliners.  Super soft to apply but with great staying power and they do not irritate my eyes at all (I wear contacts).  In this look I’m using the graphite shade to complement the lilac eyeshadow, and I like that it also has a touch of silver.

Ilia Mascara, £22

This is the first natural mascara I have tried that doesn’t smudge or flake AT ALL.  And that’s saying something with my oily eyelids.  It gives pretty, natural-looking definition, stays put all day but is still easy to remove before bed. I chose the the black shade ‘Nightfall’.  It is made with 100% natural dyes, is naturally preserved and is 42% organic.

As you can see, all the products except two are from mineral make-up brands.  I hadn’t actually noticed until I wrote them down!  So I guess these are the brands to go to first when looking for natural, vegan, allergy-friendly cosmetics.  Happy hunting!