Eco-friendly bedding for adults

That won’t break the bank

I’ve done a short post before about organic bedding for babies, organic baby sleep (or lack thereof), and that is something that is pretty easy to find.  But eco-friendly bedding for grown ups?  Different story.  Organic sheets and plain, mega-boring duvet covers might be easy to get hold of (although the colour selection isn’t great), but patterned duvet covers? Very thin on the ground.  Organic duvets, pillows and mattresses? Sell a kidney.  Seriously, the expense is jaw-dropping.

However, I was determined to find eco-friendly bedding that was pretty and reasonably priced for the first stage of our bedroom make-over (so excited).

It took me a few days of searching, every time I had a few minutes.  I didn’t really think that I’d find anything.  This was something I had looked for in the past and come up with nothing.  I retyped my search criteria in as many ways as I could think of.  And then I found La Redoute.

This place is heaven for the fashion conscious eco-babe on a budget.  It was here that I scored a gorgeous, king-sized, 100% cotton duvet cover for £15.  It was in a sale, but they seem to do big sales a lot, and full price it was only £22.50, a price to rival most mainstream stores.  Although not organic, it is Oeko-Tex Certified, meaning it is tested (beyond the normal industry standard) to ensure it does not contain any substance detrimental to health.  For £15 I think I can live with that compromise! Sure enough when I unwrapped the duvet, it did not have the horrible chemical whiff you get from many other brands.

I also found a king-sized duvet with organic cotton cover, and recycled polyester filling for £38.  Such a reasonable price, soooo different to all the other options I found.

My long search paid off and I now have new, eco-friendly bedding without breaking the bank.  Seriously, check this place out.

The Mostly Green Mum

Organic baby sleep (or lack thereof)

Organic baby bedding

Tonight is the first night baba 1 (3 years old) is sleeping in her new big bed. A nice big single bed that she has moved into so that baba 2 (8 months old) can have her old cot bed now that he has outgrown his little space-saver cot.

Miraculously as I type this at 9pm baba 1 is actually asleep and has been for an hour. This is a lovely turn of events because for about the past month she’s been fighting bedtime and takes some 3 hours to settle, not sleeping till 10 or 10.30. Add to that our ‘I don’t need any sleep’ baby and our evenings have been hellish, packed with endless trips to see screaming baba 1 in the nursery and endless buggy walks in the dark to try and soothe screaming baba 2 who also doesn’t drift off till somewhere between 10.30 and midnight.

Needless to say my husband and I currently look like something from night of the living dead and feel just as perky. So yes, tonight is a treat. May it continue to be this peaceful!

When I was shopping for baba 1’s new mattress and bedding I researched organic options. Since we spend so much of our lives in bed I think it makes a lot of sense that we not sleep on a mattress sprayed with fire-retardant chemicals that off-gas for years as we sleep. Organic mattresses are naturally fire-retardant complying with the same safety standards as other mattresses, just in a much nicer way!

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