Dressing for my 30s with a post baby body

Style crisis – what do I wear?

Fashion just doesn’t feature when you have babies. Perhaps occasionally you might look in the mirror and grimace at the Womble-like vision in front of you –  all saggy maternity jeans, giant nursing bra and baggy cardi (very much my baby years outfit – see photo) but you don’t have time to think about it really, and nor should you.  It’s a crazy busy time and that Wombley outfit is darn practical (and comfy) and what you need to get the job done. Continue reading “Dressing for my 30s with a post baby body”

Eco-friendly bedding for adults

That won’t break the bank

I’ve done a short post before about organic bedding for babies, organic baby sleep (or lack thereof), and that is something that is pretty easy to find.  But eco-friendly bedding for grown ups?  Different story.  Organic sheets and plain, mega-boring duvet covers might be easy to get hold of (although the colour selection isn’t great), but patterned duvet covers? Very thin on the ground.  Organic duvets, pillows and mattresses? Sell a kidney.  Seriously, the expense is jaw-dropping. Continue reading “Eco-friendly bedding for adults”

Green People Neutral Scent Free Hand and Body Lotion

A saviour for sore mum hands

When baba 2 was born, so began the inevitable massive increase in hand washing that comes when caring for a newborn. It was also winter. The combination meant that my hands became increasingly dry and cracked and eventually red and sore. I think it brought on dermatitis. This was despite using gentle hand washes and plenty of natural hand cream. Continue reading “Green People Neutral Scent Free Hand and Body Lotion”

Ditch the dye! Going grey

I’m 36 and recently decided to NOT dye my greying hair.  I started going grey in the my late 20s.  Like most people, this freaked me out.  I don’t think any of us like this first sign that youth is on the way out.  I used to pull the hairs out, even employing my husband in the task! That is until one day he said ‘there’s too many’. Continue reading “Ditch the dye! Going grey”